Challenging Academic Environment 

Dedicated Teachers

Maximize Possibilities for

High-potential Students

Our vision:
maximize the individual potential to enable the highest positive impact on oneself and society

Challenging Academic Environment

High-achieving peer group with:

  • a focus on core subjects
  • group projects and presentations
  • advanced subjects with in-depth teaching
  • the option to participate in competitions

Dedicated Teachers

Subject-matter experts who are:

  • passionate about teaching
  • dedicated to students
  • able to connect with students
  • an example of positive impact


  • Focus on Higher Education
  • Career Opportunities
  • Good Citizenship and Life Skills
  • Healthy Family Life

High-Potential Students

Attract students who:

  • have high test scores
  • are positive and encouraging towards fellow students, teachers, and staff
  • are highly motivated to succeed
  • arrive at school ready to learn
  • are supported by engaged parents

We are currently enrolling 6th Graders for the 2019-20 school year.

Shortened School Day focuses on Core Subjects:
  • Math-Prealgebra, Algebra I, Algebra 2 (will add higher math as needed)
  • English Language Arts
  • Science-Earth/Space, Life, Physical
  • Social Studies
Potential Elective Classes to Teach Highly Marketable Skills:
  • Computer Programming
  • Robotics
  • Business and Management
  • Leadership
  • Engineering
  • Scientific Method and Techniques
What we Don’t Provide (but encourage families to supplement on their own or through their local school):
  • Sports
  • Physical and Health Education (PHE)
  • Music
  • Art